Auction for Conservation 2023

I strongly believe that the future well being of the world’s wildlife will only be maintained by sustainable hunting and game conservation, and if hunters pass on their passion and knowledge to future generations. We have to show that we are not killers, but the protectors of wildlife. We not only talk, but act, and through our hunts we spend serious sums too on wildlife and game conservation so that our grandchildren will be able to meet wild animals and, if their passion dictates they would be able to hunt too.

– Béla Hidvégi

Until now, the Béla Hidvégi Hunting Trophy Foundation has operated mainly from private donations from Béla Hidvégi, but as more and more people became aware of the activities of Béla and the Foundation, more and more people wanted to support it in some form. This is how the idea of the auction was born, where Béla’s personal items will go under the hammer, so we can offer our supporters a wider opportunity to take part in the realization of the Foundation’s goals. In this way, they not only give to us, but also receive – personally from Béla!

The complete catalogue of Béla’s personal items to be auctioned is available through this link:

Béla’s personal belongings put up for auction:

1. Ullmann Award 1. echelon

2. Ullmann Award 2. echelon

3. Ullmann Award 3. echelon

4. Ullmann Award 4. echelon

5. Ullmann Award 5. echelon

6. Purdey cartridge case from 1930

7. Single leather guncase with lambskin lining

8. Complete Hidvégi book package

9. Great Hunters, Their Trophy rooms & Collections

10. 1936 “5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú” premium hungarian sweet wine

11. Iranian hunting scene silk praying carpet

12. Iranian silk praying carpet

13. Leica binoculars

14. Sitting-walking stick

15. Suede carrying backpack

16. Holland & Holland canvas bag

17. Holland&Holland flask with Kaliber45 glasses

18. Books signed for Béla Hidvégi

19. Barbour – Purdey raincoat and hat

20. Kálmán Kittenberger – Big and small cats of the Zoo

21. 2 piece cleaning rod set

22. Purdey buffer cartridges size 20 and Purdey instruction card

23. Purdey hand guard size 20

24. Position marker and Cogswell&Harrison position drawing set in leather case

25. Richard Kiss: Wild boar

26. Patron holding leather belt

27. Leica Rangefinder, LRF 800

28. Franz Joseph Windischgraetz’s former leather gun case

29. Saubande target

30. Kukri (Gurkha) Nepal knife in leather case

31. Tissot Altimeter clock

32. Zoltán Boros: Kashmir Markhor – 2003

Auction conditions

You can bid in person at the auction or online in the virtual auction room which will be open during the auction (you must register at

Bidding in person will be possible only with numbered cartons received on the spot, which must be clearly raised to indicate the intention to buy.

Bidding stairs, Raising:
5 000 to 20 000 2 000

20 000 to 50 000 3 000

50 000 to 100 000 5 000

100 000 to 200 000 10 000

From 200 000 to 500 000 20 000

From 500 000 to 1 000 000 50 000

The auctioneer raises the price until only one bid remains, and then knocks down the highest price by calling the number of the highest bidder. The item becomes the property of the buyer and is validated by payment.

In case of dispute, the auctioneer may re-auction the item. Unsold items may be continuously re-auctioned until the end of the auction.

In the event of equal bids, the on-the-spot auctioneer shall have priority.

During the FeHoVa, all items will be on display at the exhibition next to the Hidvégi Béla Hunting Trophy Foundation stand. Items will be sold without warranty in the condition in which they are displayed at the time of the exhibition.

In the case of an absentee bid, the items can be collected by the buyer at FeHoVa from 16:00 on 12 February 2023, after payment of the full purchase price or after proof of transfer.
The costs of delivery will be payed by the buyer.

All the proceeds from the charity auction will be donated to the Hidvégi Béla Hunting Trophy Foundation.