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About Me

He was born in 1936 in a small Hungarian town called Nagyszénás. His parents were landowners and, after the war, they lost all their properties and had to flee from the mob to the other part of the country. Continued his studies in Keszthely Agricultural University and in 1956 continued the studies in London, where he graduated as a food engineer. He married in England and has two daughters and five grandsons.


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The three pillars of our activities


Creating and supporting ongoing conservation projects worldwide.


Creating educational content and organizing workshops and presentations. Teaching about the necessity of controlled and sustainable hunting for wildlife conservation.


Supporting students of Forestry and Game Management at the University of Sopron and MATE university at Gödöllő.


Hunting around the world, first hand experiences on nature, wildlife, conservation and societies.

Movies and DVDs

Hunting adventures and sustainable hunting for conservation.


Two exhibitions in Hungary, showcasing nearly 300 fully mounted trophies.