Auction for Conservation 2024

I strongly believe that the future well being of the world’s wildlife will only be maintained by sustainable hunting and game conservation, and if hunters pass on their passion and knowledge to future generations. We have to show that we are not killers, but the protectors of wildlife. We not only talk, but act, and through our hunts we spend serious sums too on wildlife and game conservation so that our grandchildren will be able to meet wild animals and, if their passion dictates they would be able to hunt too.

– Bela Hidvegi

The Béla Hidvégi Hunting Trophy Foundation was previously run mainly by private donations from Béla Hidvégi, but as more and more people became aware of Béla and the Foundation’s activities, more and more wanted to support it in some way.
And so was born the idea of the auction, where Béla’s personal items were put up for auctioning, to give our supporters the opportunity to help in a way that would not only help the Foundation’s work, but they would receive something in return, – from Béla himself.
But after the first auction in 2023, several of Béla’s friends reached out saying they would like to make a donation to support this initiative, so this year, hunts could be included in the auction’s catalogue!

The complete catalogue of the auctioned items is available on Axioart’s website:

Participation can be Online or Personal, but both is subject to prior registration at:

A video guide for registration can be found here:

After registration, it is possible to place a valid bid for the selected items in advance! If the auction does not receive more bids than this amount, the pre-bid (abstantee bid) will be the winner. For help, see the following video: