My philosophy

I strongly believe that the future well being of the world’s wildlife will only be maintained by sustainable hunting and game conservation, and if hunters pass on their passion to future generations.

”Ever since I was first in Africa and in Asia for hunting, I realised how important was then, and even more so now to do our best in the field of game conservation. For a long time I tried persuading all SCI presidents that we need to forge a closer tie with other hunting organisations, especially with CIC. CIC is not as well known in the USA as in Europe, but has wide ranging influence all around the world. Unfortunately, for many years I was unsuccessful but I maintained pressing on, and stuck to my views, that hunting organisations are so few and far between, even if we do not agree in all aspect on conservation, the Antis on the other hand are so numerous and strong, we cannot afford not to work together. Finally, after a lot of work, the two organisations started to work closer together, one of the results being that they agreed to have their logos next to each other in front and in the beginning of my new DVD. It has taken me about 15 years to achieve this. The DVD can be seen on my webpage. One of these is for kids, the other one is for grownups. The latter I got from Ivan Carter, I made the introduction and had it translated into Hungarian and had the text done by well known Hungarian narrators and actors. Anybody can have it from me free of charge, or see it on my webpage, and distribute it as widely as possible. I got the permission to publish both films. I made substancial financial contribution to Carter’s Anti Poaching efforts, as well as my donation to the Grand Slam/Ovis club to their Game conservation efforts.