About me

He was born in 1936 in a small Hungarian town called Nagyszénás. His parents were landowners and, after the war, they lost all their properties and had to flee from the mob to the other part of the country. Continued his studies in Keszthely Agricultural University and in 1956 continued the studies in London, where he graduated as a food engineer. He married in England and has two daughters and five grandsons.

About 35 years ago, hestarted to spend more time in Hungary and started to hunt big game on his first African safari when he was 56 years old. He donated his whole collection to the Hungarian Natural History Museum. The Museum, in turn, loaned it for an undefined period to the Keszthely Festetics Castle Museum and to the Sopron Forestry Museum. He has over 180 full mounts in dioramas in Keszthely and over 250 mainly shoulder mounts in Sopron from his early safaris. He is active for many years at SCI, being the founding President of the Hungarian Chapter 13 years ago. He is a SCI International Director and an advisor to the IADC of SCI. He received the 2016 Pantheon Award. Besides numerous international Hunting Awards, he is also the recipient of the highest Hungarian Civil Award: “The Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic”.

He has written 9 books and have 5 DVD’s. He made an introductory speech in “A Conservationist’s Cry” by Ivan Carter and in an animation film for kids. These films have been shown to over 6 Million people in 6 countries and have been shown during the European Leadership meetings. He has also been working on a major conservation and anti-poaching project in Mozambique.

He got the Hungarian Hunting Cultural Associacion’s Ring 2005. Only one person receives this ring per year.

He has been SCI Honorary International Director since 2009 and been since 2017 International Director.

He got SCI Foundation Glass Statue for the work on Wildlife Conservation, Outdoor Education and Humanitarian Services.

The SCI Hungarian Chapter received the “SCI Chapter of the year Award” in 2009.

The Hungarian Chapter received the SCI „Publication of the Year Award” in 2010.

Regularly gives talks, interviews on radio, television, mainly on hunting, Cecil saga, game conservation, etc … Regularly giving lectures all around the country and also mainly in Romania and Slovakia.

Regularly taking groups of visitors to his collections, exhibitions, and explains to them the importance of the ethical hunting and why his favourite hunting is in the mountains and in the rain forests. Sopron has appx 3000 – mainly students – visitors a year, Keszthely has 95.000 visitors per year!

Published 9 books, three on mountain hunting. Two been translated into English, one also into German. The “Beyond the Mountains” book which is also in English is called by the late Ovis President Dennis Campbell, as one of the best ten hunting books he has ever read. It is sold by Safari Press.

He has also published 6 DVDs.

He has been chosen into the two major organisation group for the “2021 WORLD of HUNTING and NATURE EXHIBITION” which will be held in Hungary as the 50th anniversity of the first World Hunting Exhibition in 1971.

The two major organisation groups are: The International and the Trophy Groups. This exhibition will have a strong message on the sustainable use of our natural resources including hunting.